Meet the Monument 2018

The Friends of Ironwood Forest have set Saturday, March 17th for the annual “Meet the Monument” event. This gathering, free and open to the public, will be held again at the group site on the north side of iconic Ragged Top, approximately 20 miles west of Marana. The goal of this event is to be a learning experience – featuring informational presentations and walkabouts by local naturalists specializing in the various facets of this land. Come and learn about the Sonora Desert and the Ironwood Forest from our speakers.

Are you curious about the lives of bighorn sheep and how the last indigenous herd in the Tucson valley is doing? Want to know more about the archeological and cultural history of the Santa Cruz Valley and Ironwood Forest? Do you want to know some secrets of the iconic saguaro cactus and learn the findings of the latest research? Learn the status and future plans for this miraculous Ironwood Forest National Monument in our back yard! Also on site is an expert on the Titan II missile era (we have a real Titan II interpretive site within the monument). Explore the hiking opportunities of the monument. Plus a UofA professor/herpetologist will bring his reptile friends and share his knowledge of these wondrous critters and the Sonoran Desert!

Interested in volunteering? Please contact Dave Barker at [email protected]

Send an email to [email protected] with questions.

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