Working with the BLM


Ironwood Forest National Monument is part of the National Conservation Lands system and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Like many friends groups, the Friends of Ironwood Forest works with the BLM as a partner/collaborator and also as a stakeholder.

Friends of Ironwood Forest works closely with the BLM to support our common goals to improve land management, protection of the objects within the Monument, along with public awareness and appreciation of Ironwood Forest National Monument. To achieve our shared goals, FIF officers and other board members meet with BLM staff at least quarterly and also on an as-needed basis. 

Our common goals include:

Coordinating monthly volunteer work days and volunteer service agreements, including sponsoring the annual celebration of National Public Lands day. FIF volunteers supplement the BLM with on-site workers who enjoy being on-the-ground within the IFNM.

Alerting BLM staff to issues on the monument such as dumped trash, illegal off road driving, damaged signage, the status of plants and trails, or any visitor needs that come through FIF.

Discussing intermediate and long-term goals pertaining to invasive species control, visitor management, land acquisition, any known threats to the Monument, and public education.


Friends of Ironwood Forest  also reviews the policies, plans and directives of the local, state, and national BLM offices. We provide feedback, advice, and sometimes make requests for change through different channels, all with the aim to insure the long-term protection and ecological integrity of the monument.