Work and Event Days

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Fall 2022 Volunteer work days

Fencing specific workdays are on 10/15, 11/5, and 12/9-11, 2022.
Work days supporting Ironwood Forest BLM projects are scheduled for 10/5 and 11/2, 2022.


The impact of Covid-19 continues to affect all of us in many ways. The BLM has instituted protocols for COVID-19 health and safety. We will adjust our work days, number of volunteers, transportation and routine to the BLM, Health and Government rules and guidance for social distancing, masks, sanitizing and any other needed actions. Please find below reference documents for volunteering at IFNM.

Pandemic Social Distancing and Daily Health Monitoring Guidance
Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures
Hand Washing in The Field Procedures

Volunteer Work Days

In order to participate in these or other BLM work projects, you need to have a “Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA)” form completed and on file with BLM prior to the work day. (Click here for the 2022 form.) You can’t participate unless your VSA is approved.

Email the completed form to Robert Walter at r[email protected]  or mail it to:
Bureau of Land Management – Tucson Field Office
Attn: Volunteer Service Agreement
3201 E Universal Way
Tucson AZ 85756

IFNM Volunteer work days are planned and coordinated with the BLM each month, October through April. Volunteers assist the BLM in varied tasks such as restoration, trail improvement, sign installation, vegetation clean up, fencing, trash clean up and invasive species management (primarily buffelgrass).

On a typical day volunteers join BLM staff early in the day and head out to the chosen work site. The BLM provides the necessary tools and safety equipment. Volunteers stay busy until “noon-ish” and break for lunch or depart. Besides getting a little exercise while working, volunteers enjoy the sweeping vistas, desert plants and animals within the beautiful and enchanting Sonoran Desert environment. Working around Ragged Top, Waterman and Silverbell Mountains, the Samaniego Hills, Cocoraque Butte, El Cerrito de Represso and many other areas is very enjoyable and educational!


Volunteer efforts are greatly appreciated! It is a pleasure to work with the BLM on these projects and see what can be accomplished to help restore and protect this natural treasure.

Go to our Maps and Directions page to see more detailed maps to Ironwood Forest National Monument, Ragged Top and the Waterman Restoration site.

For additional details, to sign up, and to get on the mailing list for future announcements of these projects, please email [email protected]