NPLD Interns

Friends of Ironwood Forest would like to thank to our interns for their help with National Public Lands Day 2020!

Miguel Angel Ceballos

I Am Miguel Angel Ceballos. I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and my family is from a small town in Sonora called Bacobampo. I am currently a student at Pima Community College and will soon be transferring to the University of Arizona. After my transfer, I’ll be majoring in biology and minoring in journalism, then graduating approximately between the years of 2023/2024. Ever since my first real experience in getting to know the outdoors with IronWood Tree Experience, I started to realize just how much our public lands have to offer. Within such a small amount of time I’ve been able to build a strong appreciation for the outdoors because of how much the outdoors have done for me, by providing me a place to relax, to learn, to build memories with good friends, etc. For all it’s given me, I will continue to promote and work towards the betterment of our public lands and the outdoors in general. I hope that through the betterment of these public lands, more people will be inspired just as I was to make these lands better for all people.

My name is Isaiah Haley and I am one of the two current interns for your land management working on bringing national papa cleanse day to life virtual me. I’m currently enrolled at Pima Community College and science is my passion. Yes, Science, from the quantum realm to the microbes crawling along my phone screen to the planets orbiting earth. I’m quite fond of education as well as real world experiences such as bio blitzing, eco monitoring, mixing chemicals, genetically modifying bacteria and other science related actions you can think of, I’m in! Overall I love life as well my fellow denizens of Tucson who make living here the only place I want to be, although traveling and gaining new experiences is a passion of mine. The Sonoran desert is the only place I truly call home.

Isaiah Haley