Silverbell Group Camp Site

The Silverbell Group Camp Site is located adjacent to Silverbell Road, north of Ragged Top Mountain.

It is an excellent spot for recreational camping, providing a pull-through for larger vehicles and trailers. Road conditions to the site are highly variable and sometimes require high clearance vehicles. To get there you must travel approximately eight miles on a dirt road which is not regularly maintained. 

Volunteers have helped enhance this site by relocating vegetation and placing boulders to guide vehicle traffic. Volunteers also help maintain the site by making sure visitors remove all their trash and maintain primitive fire pits.

To access the site, visitors take the paved Silverbell Road past the small town of Red Hill to where it turns into a dirt road. From there, it is eight miles around the bends and through the washes of Silverbell Road to arrive at the site. Please follow “Leave No Trace” principles for camping, don’t destroy any vegetation, and leave the site better than you found it.

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